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My story

Maple & Rae’s goal is to create modern, typographic-led stationery, all the while providing an enjoyable and personalised customer service.

My time at the University of the Arts London, studying graphic and media design, specialising in typography, sparked my infatuation with the magic of arranging letter forms, the hands-on joy of print, and the incredible power of ink on paper.


If you were looking for me, chances are you'd catch me in the screen-printing room, getting my hands dirty with litho printing experiments or soaking up the wisdom of the old-school printing presses. That's where I built the solid foundation of knowledge that fuels my passion for design and print.

Osmaston -13_edited.jpg

I eventually found myself working in the world of marketing, but I continued my love of design by creating stationery for friends and families big life moments, such as birthdays, weddings, hen parties and baby showers - something I truly enjoyed doing. 


Then, after welcoming my daughter and finding myself on maternity leave during a nationwide lockdown, a strong creative itch demanded scratching. However, any pursuit had to be worth the time away from my precious baby. This was the spark that ignited the birth of Maple & Rae (my second baby).


But why the name Maple & Rae? Maple is my daughter's middle name, and Rae is mine, it’s as simple as that.


  • Fresh flowers

  • Imaginative interiors 

  • Red wine + meaningful conversations 


  • Wastefulness

  • Chair covers

  • Comedy music 

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